Writing Pad - Maire-Me

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A US letter-size (8.5"x11" approx) notepad printed on high-quality paper with Highland Arrow branding and featuring the artwork with writer Maiyannah guissed up as the titular Highland Arrow.  Show your support for Highland Arrow with this great artwork by Solaraien!

Printed-on-demand (add 2-7d to shipping time)

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Paper Stock

This notepad is printed on Hammermill 28#B Color Copy paper, a thicker, smooth copy paper with good colour reproduction in photographs and graphics that you can still write on, which is why we selected it.  It is also a FSC-certified paper, meaning it comes from responsible forestry practices, not cheap places where they slash and burn and whatever worse, for maximum economy.


A note on the backer card used: some of these pads are backed with a natural kraft "padding board", some of them are backed with a thick cardstock.  Both of these are recycled papers, so the difference is purely cosmetic.  It basically just comes down to which is more readily available and economical at time of printing.  Such are the wages of the supply chain woes COVID19 has left us with.  We don't otherwise discriminate.

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